Hair Removal



Ellipse Skin Rejuvenation is a first-class solution to the problems of age spots and diffuses redness and works by improving the skins texture, smoothness and overall tone. Uneven pigmentation is also reduced leaving you with the skin you’ve always desired. The flash lamp in the unique Ellipse IPL system produces light that is carefully filtered in two ways to ensure that only light with the correct characteristics (wavelengths) is allowed to reach the skin. The light that is allowed through has been chosen because it is the wavelength that two natural body substances respond to. Age spots contain a substance called melanin, and diffuse redness contains haemoglobin. When cells that contain high levels of melanin or haemoglobin are hit with the right type of light, they heat up and are destroyed within a few thousandths of a second leaving smoother clearer skin.


EleniLondon Skin Health Clinic offers safe and effective removal of thread veins (broken capillaries). The technically advanced Ellipse thread vein removal treatment involves using an intense pulsed light system. The procedure is a safe and effective and will remove redness and broken capillaries from the surface of the skin. Your personal requirements are overseen and performed, in confidence, by our independent senior IPL /Laser specialists.

Lynton Initia Painless Hair Removal

As part of a new generation of aesthetic treatment lasers, The Lynton Initia Laser conducts hair removal treatments with high speed, versatility and free of discomfort!

The new INITIA 810nm diode laser has been designed specifically to deliver these three key features, enabling quick, safe, ‘pain-free’ laser hair removal treatments on all skin types. One of the INITIA’s most outstanding features is its longevity, due to a 15,000,000 shot count. That’s 14,000,000 more shots than the closest competition, and allows us to shoot up to 4 times per second with high fluences, achieving full body hair removal in around 90 minutes!

A huge factor in ‘feeling the difference’ of the INITIA diode laser stems from the revolutionary IceTip™ contact-cooling handpiece; a technology which offers superior safety and epidermal protection. Reaching -8°C in temperature, IceTip™ Technology continuously cools the skin during treatment, dramatically reducing discomfort and aiding the INITA ‘Pain-Free’ mode.

Specifically designed to offer treatments for ALL skin types, ALL year round, the INITIA offers a solution for all of your skin worries and concerns!

Number of Treatments168
Price Per Body Area
Fingers / Toes / Ears / Nose / Between Brows (15 min)50240320
Hands / Feet / Stomach Line / Nipples / Lip / Chin, Sideburns / Peri-Anal (15 min)60288384
Underarms / Jawline / Cheeks / Neck (front or back) (30 min)70336448
Bikini Line (30 min)80240320
Brazilian / Buttocks / Half Arms / Shoulders (30 min)90432576
Hollywood / Chest / Stomach / Half Back / Lip + Chin (60 min)100480640
Half Legs / Boyzilian / Beard (45 min)110528704
Full Face / Male Hollywood (45 min)130624832
Hollywood + Perianal
(60 min)
Full Arms / Full Back / Chest & Stomach
(60 min)
Full Legs (90 min)2009601280
Ladies Full Body50024003200
Ladies Full Body & Face55026403520
Men’s Full Body55026403520
Men’s Full Body & Face60028803840

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